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Bernhard Cavalié Gray used to work with Vidal Sassoon in London where he learned hair styling on dry hair in 1974. He stayed two years in the City where he met Michael Collis who hired him as a stylist in his salon “Molton Brown”.

In 1976 he came back to Paris and launched his own salon in “Les Halles” attended by an English team. Creator of the “needle perm”for long hair, he presented a show with Paco Rabanne and his fashion models hung under his hang glider itself hung at a 150ft high crane!

After that show, he hung himself and flew with his machine over the famous church “Ste Eustache” and landed near his salon.

Between two customers he can play a song with his guitar or at the piano. His universe receives artists, comedians, musicians, etc.

He takes the whole time he needs to advise his customers about what suit them. He doesn’t “copy and paste” from books or computer, but creates a personal hair cut. He considers that woman and man need a convenient and practical hair cut they can manage only with their fingers, just awaking in the morning without wasting  time with a required “blow dry”.

Bernhard Cavalié Gray does the woman’s hair to make her free and beautiful ever since she wakes up ! His client base comprises grandparents, parents and children.

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Fauteuil Rouge - Bernhard Cavalié gray
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“Fauteuil Rouge” means the arm chair where you sit in a theater.

In this record (french and english songs) Bernhard says that we are both the actor and the spectator of our life. The trick is to look at it and play in it at the same time.

“Merci Georges” (french song) recalls the talented songwriter who was Georges Brassens in the fifties.

He met Bernhard and congratulated him  in the cabaret of Montmartre where he was singing.

So, Bernhard made that song for return the favor to the artist.

Bleu de bleu couv..png

“Bleu de bleu” is a book for children who want to learn poetry. But the poems (written in french) concern them and they can use crayons to color the drawings about the stories . The best way to teach poetry to children and to share it with adults.

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The title « L’enfer me ment » in three words is a pun which means that the hell lies. Instead of burning with high flames, like we imagine, it’s a freezing place. “Enfermement” means “confinement“and that’s the story of an innocent jailed for four and a half months, forgotten in a prison.


A sept ans j’aurais pu être roi de France” : “When I was seven years old, I could have been the king of France” is a comparison between the life of a seven years old kid and Philippe 1er, sacred king of France in 1059 though he was born in 1052. I was raised in a farm by my grandparents who taught me so many things that if I knew how to milk the goats, I could also plough driving the tractor and a lot of others crafty aptitudes like to calving cows! Enough common sense to govern a country !

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